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Victors ID Gene Name Sequence Strain (Species/Organism) NCBI Gene ID NCBI Nucleotide GI NCBI Protein GI Locus Tag Genbank Accession Protein Accession Protein Name Molecule Role Molecule Role Annotation PMID
4461 TS Trypanosoma cruzi strain CL Brener 3533424 71402314 Tc00.1047053504593.1 AAHK01002618 XP_804086 Virulence factor MUTATION: T. cruzi isolates that express and shed higher amounts of trans-sialidase are more virulent in mice (Risso et al., 2004).
4462 Tc52 32395938 thiol transferase Tc52 Virulence factor MUTATION: Tc52 mutant is attenuated in mice (Garzón et al., 2003).
4463 LYT1 343407444 LYT1 Virulence factor the deletion of both LYT1 alleles in the CL Brenner strain (the wild type [WT]) resulted in a null mutant T. cruzi clone (L16) that shows an attenuated phenotype in cell culture models. The infection of adult Swiss mice with 10(3) trypomastigotes of both clones revealed a significant reduction in infective behavior of L16, as shown by direct parasitemia, spleen index, and quantitation of tissue parasite burden, suggesting the loss of virulence in the null mutant clone.(Zago et al., 2008)
5153 p85.1 Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM 14863 2981057 51893741 STH2603 AP006840 YP_076432 hypothetical protein Virulence factor p85.1 is expressed as mRNA and the corresponding protein is found on the surface of virulent Trypanosoma cruzi but not attenuated ones. virulent parasites not only gained the ability to cause high parasitemia but also caused higher mortality rates than the attenuated parasites.
5176 DHFR-TS 1899001 dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase Virulence factor The dhfr-ts(+/-) mutant is possible to generate genetically attenuated T. cruzi parasites able to confer protection against further T. cruzi infections.
(Perez et al., 2011; Pérez and Basombrío, 2012)
22180798 22705838
5200 Tc-CRT Trypanosoma cruzi strain CL Brener 3543786 71423784 AAHK01000598 XP_812571 Virulence factor deletion of one copy of the TcCRT gene in the attenuated TCC strain generated a safe and irreversibly gene-deleted live attenuated parasite with high immunoprotective properties. Our results also contribute to endorse the important role of TcCRT as a T. cruzi virulence factor.
(Sánchez-Valdéz et al., 2014)
5219 PLA1 372001299 phospholipase A1 Virulence factor T. cruzi PLA1 as a novel virulence factor implicated in parasite invasion.
(Belaunzarán et al., 2013)
5221 trans-sialidase Trypanosoma cruzi strain CL Brener 3537653 71410253 AAHK01001396 XP_807431 Virulence factor The trans-sialidase (TS) is a virulence factor involved in cell invasion and pathogenesis that is differentially expressed in aggressive and less virulent parasite stocks.
(Burgos et al., 2013)