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Victors ID Gene Name Sequence Strain (Species/Organism) NCBI Gene ID NCBI Nucleotide GI NCBI Protein GI Locus Tag Genbank Accession Protein Accession Protein Name Molecule Role Molecule Role Annotation PMID
4907 gE Equid herpesvirus 1 330789 glycoprotein E Virulence factor MUTATION: A glycoprotein E mutant is attenuated in mice and hamsters (Patel and Heldens, 2005). 15993786
4908 gI Equid herpesvirus 1 330788 glycoprotein I Virulence factor MUTATION: A glycoprotein I mutant is attenuated in mice and hamsters (Patel and Heldens, 2005). 15993786
4962 TK Equid herpesvirus 1 Ab4 59214 thymidine kinase Virulence factor MUTATION: A thymidine kinase-deficient mutant (PR1) is attenuated in mice and foals (Slater et al., 1993). 8388018
5072 ORF71 17221115 17221116 AAK61485.1 glycoprotein gp2 Virulence factor Irrespective of the reduced pathogenicity of the gene 71 mutant, infected mice were protected against a challenge with wild-type EHV-1. These findings highlight the potential of ED71 as a vaccine candidate. (Marshall et al., 1997) 9143298
5073 gC 378556085 378556086 AFC17871.1 glycoprotein C Virulence factor Infection of mice with L11(delta)gC did not cause EHV-1-related disease, whereas mice infected with either RacL11 or R-L11(delta)gC exhibited massive bodyweight losses, high virus titers in the lungs, and viremia. (Osterrieder, 1999) 10082388
5074 EUS8 119926891 119926892 BAF43294.1 glycoprotein E Virulence factor Colostrum-deprived Thoroughbred foals inoculated intranasally (i.n.) or intramuscularly (i.m.) with DeltagE did not exhibit any clinical signs of respiratory disease except for a mild nasal discharge in 1 i.n. inoculated foal on Days 1 and 3 post-infection. In contrast, the intranasal inoculation of foals with the revertant of DeltagE resulted in biphasic pyrexia, mucopurulent nasal discharge and swelling of submandibular lymph nodes. (TSUJIMURA et al., 2009) 19959893