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Victors ID Gene Name Sequence Strain (Species/Organism) NCBI Gene ID NCBI Nucleotide GI NCBI Protein GI Locus Tag Genbank Accession Protein Accession Protein Name Molecule Role Molecule Role Annotation PMID
1918 vif Human immunodeficiency virus 155459 9629361 HIV1gp3 NP_057851.1 p23 Virulence factor MUTATION: A mutation in the vif gene reduces viral replication and infectivity in nonpermissive cells (Farrow et al., 2005). 15989462
1919 vpr Human immunodeficiency virus 155807 28872817 HIV1gp4 NP_057852.2 p15 Virulence factor MUTATION: T cell infections using vesicular stomatitis virus G (VSV-G) pseudotyped HIV-1 Vpr R77Q result in less (P = 0.01) T cell death than infections using wild-type Vpr, despite similar levels of viral replication. Wild-type Vpr-associated events, including procaspase-8 and -3 cleavage, loss of mitochondrial transmembrane potential (deltapsi(m)), and DNA fragmentation factor activation are attenuated by R77Q Vpr. There is also a higher frequency of R77Q Vpr mutations in patients with LTNP than in patients with progressive disease (Lum et al., 2003). 12750404
1920 nef Human immunodeficiency virus 156110 28872818 HIV1gp9 NP_057857.2 p27 Virulence factor MUTATION: HIV-1 replication in vivo can be separated from its pathogenic activity, in that the HXB/LW virus replicated to high levels in SCID-hu Thy/Liv mice, with no significant thymocyte depletion. Restoration of the nef gene in the recombinant HXB/LW genome restored its pathogenic activity, with no significant effect on HIV-1 replication in the thymus. Implicating nef as a determinant of pathogenicity (Duus et al., 2001). 11264380