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Victors ID Gene Name Sequence Strain (Species/Organism) NCBI Gene ID NCBI Nucleotide GI NCBI Protein GI Locus Tag Genbank Accession Protein Accession Protein Name Molecule Role Molecule Role Annotation PMID
2877 HTNVsMgp1 Hantavirus 2943079 38371714 HTNVsMgp1 NP_941987.1 precursor structural polyprotein Virulence factor MUTATION: Two Hantaan virus strains, clone 1 (cl-1), which is virulent in newborn mice, and its attenuated mutant (mu11E10), were used to examine the pathogenesis of Hantaan virus infection in a mouse model and identify virus factors relating to virulence. After subcutaneous inoculation of newborn BALB/c mice, cl-1 caused fatal disease with high viral multiplication in peripheral organs, but mu11E10 produced nonfatal infection with a low level of virus multiplication. Sequence comparison detected a single deduced amino acid change (cl-1 Ile to mu11E10 Thr) at amino acid number 515 in glycoprotein G1. In mouse brain microvascular endothelial cells in vitro, viruses possessing a cl-1-derived M segment grew more rapidly than viruses containing a mu11E10-derived M segment. These results suggest that the single amino acid change in the glycoprotein alters peripheral growth, which affects invasion of the central nervous system in mice (Ebihara et al., 2000). 10982372