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Victors ID Gene Name Sequence Strain (Species/Organism) NCBI Gene ID NCBI Nucleotide GI NCBI Protein GI Locus Tag Genbank Accession Protein Accession Protein Name Molecule Role Molecule Role Annotation PMID
4897 cen1 Leishmania donovani 15488542 centrin Virulence factor MUTATION: A cen1 mutant is attenuated in mice and hamsters (Selvapandiyan et al., 2009). 19592661
5187 LdASS Leishmania donovani 13389892 398015484 LDBPK_230300 FR799610 XP_003860931 Virulence factor parasites expressing a mutant form of LdASS associated with a loss of in vitro activity had reduced virulence in vivo in BALB/c mice as demonstrated by a significant reduction in the parasite load in spleen and liver.(Lakhal-Naouar et al., 2012)
5188 Ldp27 386686540 mitochondrial P27 Virulence factor the amastigote-specific protein p27 (Ldp27) is a component of an active cytochrome c oxidase complex in Leishmania donovani and that upon deletion of its gene the parasite had reduced virulence in vivo. genetically modified live attenuated Ldp27(-/-) parasites are safe, induce protective immunity even in the absence of parasites, and can provide protection against homologous and heterologous Leishmania species.(Dey et al., 2010; Dey et al., 2013) 20497506 23338240
5189 SUB 282192977 subtilisin Virulence factor SUB-deficient Leishmania displayed reduced virulence in both hamster and murine infection models.
(Swenerton et al., 2010)
5190 OPB 259121914 oligopeptidase B Virulence factor OPB(-/-) parasites displayed decreased virulence in the murine footpad infection model.
(Swenerton et al., 2011)
5191 SPDSYN 10945607 spermidine synthase Virulence factor This Δspdsyn strain was auxotrophic for polyamines, required spermidine for growth in its insect vector form, and was adversely impacted in its ability to infect mice. These findings establish that SPDSYN, like ODC, is essential for maintaining a robust infection in mammals and indicate that pharmacologic inhibition of SPDSYN, and perhaps all components of the polyamine biosynthetic pathway, is a valid therapeutic strategy for the treatment of visceral and, potentially, other forms of leishmaniasis.(Gilroy et al., 2011)
5192 ornithine decarboxylase 159388 ornithine decarboxylase Virulence factor a Δodc L. donovani null mutant lacking ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), the rate-limiting enzyme in polyamine biosynthesis, was profoundly compromised in its ability to infect mice, indicating that ODC is essential for the infectious mammalian stage of the parasite and further validating the enzyme as a possible drug target.(Gilroy et al., 2011)
5193 CK1 Leishmania donovani 13388740 398016612 LDBPK_251640 FR799612 XP_003861494 Virulence factor parasites over expressing LdCK1.4 gave significantly higher infections of mouse peritoneal macrophages compared to wild-type parasites, 28.6% versus 6.3%, respectively (pā€Š=ā€Š0.0005). These results suggest that LdCK1.4 plays an important role in parasite survival and virulence. (Dan-Goor et al., 2013)
5199 LDBPK_070790 Leishmania donovani 13391812 398010638 LDBPK_070790 FR799594 XP_003858516 Virulence factor We developed centrin gene deleted L. donovani parasites that displayed attenuated growth only in the amastigote stage and were found safe and efficacious against virulent challenge in the experimental animal models.(Selvapandiyan et al., 2014)